Princess Rap Battles is a rap battle series created by Whitney Avalon it features mostly princesses rapping however there are some battles that contain characters that are not princesses. Whitney has stated "BTW, we've been expanding the concept of "princess" since our first episode. Katniss and Hermione definitely rule their stories. (As do Mary Poppins, Maleficent, and many others we've featured.)" The series began on September 17, 2014 on Whitney Avalon's YouTube channel.

Rap Battles

  1. Snow White vs Elsa
  2. Galadriel vs Leia
  3. Mrs. Claus vs Mary Poppins
  4. Cinderella vs Belle
  5. Maleficent vs Daenerys
  6. Katniss vs Hermione
  7. Freya vs Ravenna
  8. Rapunzel & Flynn vs Anna & Kristoff

Cast and Guests

  1. Whitney Avalon (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
  2. Katja Glieson (1)
  3. Sara Erikson (2)
  4. Alyssa Preston (3)
  5. Jim O'Heir (3)
  6. Kevin Allen (3)
  7. Sara Michelle Gellar (4)
  8. Yvonne Strahovski (5)
  9. Bianca DeGroat (5)
  10. Lorenzo Adams (5)
  11. Nathan Graham Smith (5)
  12. Molly C. Quinn (6)
  13. Laura Marano (7)
  14. Eliza Dushku (8)
  15. James Maslow (8)
  16. Tom Lenk (8)

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